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Apple HomeKit Devices Introduced

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A range of new products have just been announced to join the fast-growing number of Apple HomeKit Devices. Coming from top brands like Insteon, Lutron, iHome, Elgato and Ecobee, the products are the first to officially earn the thumbs-up from the quality control team at Apple nearly a year after the concept was first introduced within iOS 8. While app-enabled, HomeKit instead is a range of products that together form a backbone of connectivity across your house, all controlled using WiFi and Siri. Ultimately, the HomeKit line allows you to set-up different home presets, like when you first get home from work, are heading to bed, or just don't want to get up off the couch. Lutron provided a lighting kit while Ecobee is offering a smart thermostat and iHome introduces a new power outlet kit that allows you to kill power to a device. Insteon also uses HomeKit to control a wide-range of just-announced devices that are easy to use on their own or integrate into your current set-up while Elgato introduces a line of air quality sensors to help you better control humidity, air pressure, and temperature. While more Apple HomeKit Devices are sure to be dropping in the weeks to come, this first preview of what's to come points to an exciting future for home integration.