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ICON Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab

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If you're looking to put a little gravel between your travel on a cruise with your Southern belle, look no further than this Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab from California's own ICON. As usual when it comes to anything donning the ICON name, this Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab goes big, but it also stays true to the original soul of the vehicle. Blending old and new as smoothly as butter, this Dodge sees a completely re-modeled interior and exterior, with plenty of work both under the hood and in the cab. The engine itself picks up a Magnuson supercharger, but ICON didn't stop there; a Kore-Fox Racing suspension and Gibson stainless steel exhaust system helps the HEMI engine to breathe and for your lady to enjoy a comfortable ride. Climbing into the cabin, you'll find cushy leather-wrapped, Tempurpedic foam seats on their original frames, an iPad Mini-integrated entertainment system connected to a Focal speaker system, and a completely re-worked instrument panel. Finished in "Agave Green" with black 17-inch wheels you'll be thinking twice about going muddin' in this 4x4, but you'd find it at home there, too. Learn more about this latest ICON Dodge Power Wagon Crew Cab project and see more of their work here.