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MB&F HMX Watch

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Usually in situations like this we should say that time seems to be flying, but with the 10th Anniversary already here for one of the market's top independent watch brands it would be more accurate to say that time is an illusion. Also known as Max Busser and Friends, the Swiss watch makers builds on their decade of horological design success with the MB&F HMX watch, their most complicated and most affordable piece to-date. Known for their $55k-plus sticker prices, the MB&F HMX watch actually retails for about $30,000 to help the brand thank the loyal fans that have been buying their unique timepieces since inception. Translating to Horological Machine 10, the HMX doesn't display time at all; instead it's a projection of time onto the dial via an optical illusion, projected onto a face in their driver-friendly side-view fashion, just like their HM5 CarbonMacrolon. Limited to 20 pieces in each of four bright colorways, the 46.8mm x 44.3mm HMX is built with a mix of titanium and steel with sapphire crystals on the top to see the racing-inspired "engine bay" and its 22k gold rotor. This system drives two separate disks - one for time and the other for minutes - while the equally lux strap features a combination of calfskin and leather with a look to match the case. Priced to move, head to MB&F to learn more.