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Watch Hennessey Hit 207mph in a 774 HP Ford Mustang GT

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For those of you that thought 717 horsepower was insane, just wait until you watch Hennessey hit 207mph in a 774 HP Ford Mustang GT. Picking up where the HPE700 kit for the 2015 Ford Mustang left off, Hennessey Performance kept at it, now launching the HPE750 package, which gives the Ford Mustang GT no less than 774 HP and 648 lb-ft of torque. With all that extra power, both the quarter-mile and 0-60mph times drop a few tenths of a second, but it's the top range of 207.9mph that really boggles the mind. The top speed test was conducted on a professional course with a professional driver - with Jay Leno there, too, of course - and was captured in the video after the click for proof. All together, that's about an extra 13 mph over the HPE700 kit. Available now, only 500 of the HPE750 supercharger packages are available directly from Hennessey.