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TiGr Lock - Short Package

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As with all great inventions, the original TiGr Titanium Bike Lock was born out of necessity. Tired of cumbersome, if not down-right ugly bike locks, New Jersey native John Loughlin decided to do something about it. As an avid cyclist and now a Kickstarter star, the first TiGr lock took off, earning about 288% of his original project support request. Not satisfied with his first creation, Loughlin and his team are back with the TiGr Lock - Short Package, which takes everything you love from the original and shrinks it down to a smaller size. Weighing in at a total 1.4 pounds and capable of easily being stored in your backpack or on the bike frame, what’s not to love about this lock? When you need it, the thin titanium strip and lock cylinder bow and flex out to wrap around an object up to about 5 inches in diameter, with its titanium body more than enough to frustrate any would-be bike thief. See more images of the latest iteration and head to the TiGr page to purchase.

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