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Photography by: Kaitlyn Chow
Produced by: Dan Hwang

We got a lot of love for the extensive Fresh + Creative segment we presented on NYC graphic legend Kevin Lyons. If you haven’t already, make sure you check out the chat with the designer who was there in the early days of the New York City streetwear scene. Lyons has occupied many studios in his decades of experience, from his shared studios in Soho and Nolita back in the day to his present home within a giant building in Red Hook, Brooklyn. He surrounds himself with inspiration: a boom box oozing the tones from a Donald Byrd mixtape, various publications he’s worked on (including an amazing small book of rap album shout outs!), a rack of shoes he’s collaborated on from adidas and Converse, and much, much more. Click through to get a peek into the Bat Cave Lyons call his artistic home.