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Moky - Invisible Touchpad Keyboard

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We're always on the go, and Moky's latest keyboard accessory for any mobile device integrates an invisible touchpad for even more productivity. Already fully funded on indiegogo and set to launch later this year, the Moky keyboard allows you to introduce gesture interaction with your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Thanks to its built-in infrared light sensors that can see your hand motions above the keyboard, Moky can seamlessly send your key or hand-motion commands to the screen using low-energy Bluetooth 4.0 technology. Once connected, Moky gives you the ability to tap, drag and drop, and pinch without taking up valuable space on the usually cramped keyboard space. As an added benefit, the keyboard cover can double as a portable device stand and battery life is projected around 3 months. As of now, the core technology only fully integrates with Android and Windows, but the keyboard will work with Apple devices as iOS doesn't support mice. The Moky will cost about $149 and will begin shipment this October.