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Persol Summer 2015 Vintage Celebration Collection

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There's nothing better than finding a gem in the rough, especially if that gem can be refined and handcrafted like what the Italian designers from Persol have been doing since 1917. Building on their first Vintage Celebration Collection released a few years back, we are now getting our first look at the Persol Summer 2015 Vintage Celebration Collection. As with the first, this collection revives the classic tortoiseshell colorways in a throwback to the 1960's when the look meant you had more style than you knew what to do with. The Summer 2015 collection doubles-down on the offerings, extending the looks to a dozen new colors, including two-tone or solid models for both sunglass and optical styles. See more previews of the now-available line after the click and kick off your summer on the right foot.