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Leica Q Full-Frame Compact Camera – Unveiled

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Leica has just launched a new compact camera to their line-up making it even harder for seasoned photographers to decide their weapon of choice. The Leica Q (Type 116) has a fixed lens compact design, similar to last year’s X model, but instead of an APS-C image sensor, the Q boasts a full-frame image sensor. The full-frame sensor is also joined with a 28mm Summilux f/1.7 lens, making it one of the most versatile and widest fixed lens compact options on the market today, which is sure to appeal to users who want to extend their field of view. A fixed 3-inch rear LCD touchscreen also helps with framing images or you can instead use the integrated electronic viewfinder, both of which offer impressive resolution, while contrast-based autofocus or manual focusing are available for tweaks. The body itself is made from machined aluminum and magnesium with a nice textured leather grip and a hot shoe up top for your accessory of choice. Understandably, the Lecia Q isn’t going to fit in your pocket, but it compact enough to find in your hands easily. The Leica Q also features Wi-Fi connectivity for easy sharing and the ability to record video up to 1080p60 quality. The Q is available for order now directly through Leica retailers and their online site for $4,250.