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Custom Ducati Scrambler by Holographic Hammer

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In creating this custom Ducati Scrambler, Sylvian Berneron (aka Holographic Hammer) did more than modify its look, he reshaped its soul. After a few rides on another Scambler, HH realized just how much fun and easy the bike was to ride, but, as an experienced automotive designer, he wasn't going to be satisfied with maintaining the bike's reputation as one okay with dirt, scratches, and dings. Instead, Berneron went back to his digital drawing board back in his Paris shop and whipped up his own beautiful custom Ducati Scrambler. With the support from Ducati behind him, the project immediately took on its own life; it became a clean, road-ready bike with performance and cafe racer style, but packed with modern technology. With 17" carbon racing wheels, a 4D custom Beringer braking system, modified headers, and plenty of bespoke bolt-ons, the bike began to take shape, but it's the custom brown leather seat with an integrated LED lighting system within the subframe that makes the bike really drop jaws. Finished with a custom front fender, cutaways around the engine, modified footpegs, and repositioned guages, and Hammer's project - dubbed Hero 01 - was complete.

via bikeexif