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Sony RX100 IV Compact Camera

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The introduction of the new Sony RX100 IV Compact Camera benefits from the strong reputation of its close kin, the Sony RX100M3, which proved to some skeptics that you could indeed squeeze a big sensor into a compact shell. Now the brand continues the tradition, swapping in their next generation sensor, a stacked 20.1MP 1"-type Exmor RS CMOS, which was paired with an attached DRAM memory chip for wicked fast processing. The stacked arrangement ultimately allows for the photosensitive region of the sensor to have more space to capture light, keeping all of the circuitry away. The 24-70mm equivalent F1.8-2.8 lens is the same as the RX100M3 and the body looks almost the same, too, but its other specs have improved to capture an impressive 16fps with a 1/32,000s shutter speed. But the addition of 4K video recording is probably the biggest news here even though it is limited to only five minutes with longer record times for less quality. The new Sony RX100 IV Compact Camera will launch this July for $949.