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Bell & Ross BR03-94 Rafale

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Second to their aircraft itself, pilots rely on their watches for everything from understanding weather forecasts to calculating fuel checks and flight times. And with the release of the Bell & Ross BR03-94 Rafale there's never been a better marriage between aviation and horology. The Dassault Rafale is France's next generation fighter jet, capable of a range of missions from surveillance to nuclear strikes, developed and built entirely by the Parisian military company (which is fitting for the fiercely independent French). After doing so much work in-house, it makes sense for their countrymen at Bell & Ross to get the nod to pay homage to the home-made machine with their own watch. The BR03-94 Rafale is a unique version of their square chronograph and is limited to 500 pieces. Co-designed, there's more here than just a picture of a jet on the dial; the color exactly matches that of the plane's paint and Arabic digits and the duo went with a matte black ceramic case that pairs well with the grey dial. Water resistant down to 100m, paired with a black rubber strap, and protected with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, you can scoop one of these now directly via Bell & Ross for $8,400.