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Freshness Grid: Father's Day

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Dads don't get the same amount of shine that moms do, so why not make up for previous years where you got your father a desultory striped necktie or -- even worse -- a new set of power tools? Consult our Father's Day edition of the Freshness Grid, and get your pops something fanciful or sensible. Either way, your pops will appreciate the gesture.

[column width="48%" padding="3%"]1. Salt Layton Sunglasses A classic pair of shades from a proudly independent brand from Cali. These have an old-school feel that evoke Don Draper cool.

2. Garmin Approach S6 Golf Watch Reviewers have pegged the Garmin Approach S6 as one of the best golf watches on the market. It comes with a boatload of features, including a SwingStrength function that measures your swing, as well as overheard maps and precise distances for more than 39,000 international courses.

3. Converse Chuck Taylor 1970s High Cool when your dad was cutting 4th period chemistry in high school, still cool now.

4. Filson Flask Made with stainless steel and wrapped in premium bridle leather, this is a gift your dad will be eternally grateful for during the next endless family reunion.[/column]

[column width="48%"]5. Loro Piana Long-Sleeve Polo Even if your dad isn't a clothes horse, he'll appreciate this versatile polo, made in Italy with high-quality breathable cotton.

6. Hermes Silver Cuff Links Leave the whimsical steering-wheel cuff links to the rank amateurs. Stick with elegant silver to make a statement for all the right reasons.

7. Harry's Winston Shave Set Look, no man likes to shave. Help your dad get through his morning routine with the one thing he'd probably never get for himself.

8. Miansai Monroe Weekender A functional and beautiful bag with enough room to hold a weekend's worth of essentials.[/column]

Produced by: Dan Hwang