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James Jebbia Opens Up about Supreme's Evolution and Its "Pinnacle" Moment

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James Jebbia, the notoriously press shy founder of Supreme, recently sat down with i-D to discuss the one streetwear brand that's managed to preserve a mystique that intrigues both long-time followers and a new generation of acolytes alike. Even as Supreme continues to evolve and expand, Jebbia is quick to point out that it's not for everybody. "We're not trying to please the masses," he says. "We just want to grow at a reasonable pace." Asked to identify a moment in the brand's history that can be described as a "pinnacle," Jebbia points to the Lou Reed posters shot by Terry Richardson. Aside from prompting thousands of streetwear shoppers to Google the progenitor of alternative rock, Jebbia argued that the project altered "what a brand like Supreme could be about and what we represented to a lot of people -- and to most it's skateboarding and it's hip-hop."

Check out the entire piece here.