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Mercedes-Maybach S600 Tuned by Brabus to 887HP

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True to the reputation, Brabus refines the Mercedes-Maybach S600 to produce dizzying power and even more luxury. Using their in-house team of designers and engineers, the already-powerful V12 engine sees a host of modifications that push the total power output to 886-HP and a massive 1,106 lb-ft of torque, which is enough to help it reach a top speed of 217mph without a sweat. The extensive modifications to the engine include two turbochargers, a new billet crankshaft, and forged pistons and down pipes worked up in their own shop. To match the extreme performance of the luxury liner, Brabus also gave the Mercedes-Maybach S600 some sporty-elegant emphasis with their own aero-enhancement kit, Platinum Edition 21-inch forged wheels, and a completely custom interior with the finest leather, Alcantara, wood trim, and the iBusiness high-tech multimedia infotainment system. The ultimate in state-of-the-art automotive performance and luxury, check out more angles of the incredible Mercedes-Maybach S600 tuned by Brabus after the click.