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Is this Working Lexus Hoverboard Real?

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No, you don't need another cup of coffee or a trip to the eye doctor. Lexus really is sending us back to the future with this actual working model of a hoverboard. Understanding that we're still some time away from flying cars, a Lexus hoverboard does seem like a much more logical step, even if it comes from the luxury automaker. Like many board prototypes before it that use very cold and very strong magnets, Lexus overcomes the usual limitations of heat and strength when a rider is added by using liquid nitrogen superconductor-cooled magnets, similar to that seen on Japan's magnetic-levitation trains (hence the steam coming out the sides). As Lexus' Executive VP Mark Templin puts it, "It's the perfect example of the amazing things that can be achieved when you combine technology, design, and imagination." This latest project from Lexus' "Amazing in Motion" campaign is still being tested and isn't currently slated for sale, but is capable of supporting a 250-pound rider and floats about half an inch above ground. That being said, Lexus is scheduled to release more information on October 21, 2015, the day Doc, Marty, and his girlfriend went back to the future. Thirty years laters, we may finally be able to tell McFly to eat his heart out.

via Gizmodo