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Lotus 3-Eleven - Their Fastest Production Car Ever

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Lotus has just unveiled today what they claim to be their fastest production car ever, the Lotus 3-Eleven. With a supercharged V6 engine that produces 450 HP and a lightweight (less than 900 kg), open-cockpit design, drivers will be able to hit 60mph from a dead start in less than 3 seconds before topping out at 180mph. Lotus CEO Jean-Marc Gales even goes as far as to call the Lotus 3-Eleven a "giant slayer, capable of embarrassing far more expensive rivals." And, with the dealer price set to be £82,000 (or about $129,000) when they become available next April, he just may be right. Also in true Lotus fashion, a race-ready version will also be available with a 6-point harness, a more aggressive aero kit, and a sequential gearbox. Learn more about the new Lotus 3-Eleven at their official site and check-out more angles after the click.