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The Kamawatch Hypercolor Watch Changes Color with Temperature

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Remember those trendy mood rings from the 1980's that detected your mood by changes in your body heat? While this new color-changing watch by Kamawatch, the Hypercolor, may never truly replace its predecessor, it draws on the theme in a fun way. Using the same basic concept as the shirts and rings of the time, the Kamawatch Hypercolor uses thermal technology infused into the multi-colored base pigment on the polycarbonate strap and watch face to change colors as it moves back and forth past 31 degrees Celsius. Not designed to replace your Rolex, the Kamawatch Hypercolor instead seeks to add a bit of fun and pop to your accessory line-up, offering a Japanese Miyota quartz 2035 movement tucked within the 40mm wide cases. Offered in a range of color bases, ranging from yellow and green to blue and burgundy, the Hypercolor watch is available now directly from the Italian design firm via their online site with in-store availability to follow soon.