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Agenda and The Berrics Launch Agenda Emerge

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Agenda and The Berrics Launch Agenda Emerge - 0

An outgrowth of the Agenda trade show, Agenda Emerge is a public portal intended to inspire the next generation of innovators while also reigniting the passion of industry veterans. To fully realize this vision, Agenda founder, Aaron Levant partnered with Steve Berra and Eric Koston, the co-founders of the The Berrics to continue to evolve this idea. As part of the launch a new video series, entitled "Case in Point," promulgates the notion that brands, artists and designers are storytellers, and through this unprecedented access to their insightful narratives, we can learn valuable lessons on how to create, conquer and disrupt. Subjects include Shepard Fairey, Tinker Hatfield, Bob Hurley and more. Go here to check out the series.