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BMW i8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research Vehicle - Unveiled

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Despite finishing the build back in 2012, BMW has just now officially revealed their most advanced i8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell research vehicle at this year's BMW Group Innovation Days event. In this photo and data hungry time it's amazing that this one stayed under the radar for so long, but it looks like the Bavarian motor company is getting more excited about taking the next steps with the project. Built on the foundation of the i8, this BMW i8 Hydrogen Fuel Cell Research Vehicle instead adopts the most advanced powertrain system on the market, co-developed with their on-going partnership with Toyota. Instead of the hybrid set-up, power comes from cryogenically-stowed hydrogen inside a cylindrical tank that sits down the center of the frame paired with cooled oxygen from the air. A rear-mounted engin is also at the rear, powered by the fuel stack's electricity output. The new set-up is also paired with a smooth body and a subtle matte black paint that is coy about the advancement inside.