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Change Your Sneaker Design with "Shift Sneaker" Concept

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With their "Shift Sneaker" concept, +rehabstudio may have just officially hacked sneaker design for the masses. While NIKEiD and mi adidas allow for custom looks, you only get once chance to make it right. Instead, +rehabstudio envisions a sneaker infused with a smart surface made up of micro-LED screens, touch-sensitive pick-ups, shape memory, and adaptive surface textures that not only allows users to customize on the fly, but for their sneakers to react to external stimuli. Users can create their own styles or download different "packs" with different animated graphics from designers or friends, taking wearable technology to an entirely new level. In other words, when you buy 1 pair of sneakers, you will be actually be buying 1 million. Learn more about the ambitious project directly from the +rehabstudio team's Shift Sneaker site and prepare for your mind to be blown.