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Garage Italia Customs x Jeep Renegades

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In celebration of this year's Montreux Jazz Festival, Jeep and Garage Italia Customs have partnered up to present two axe-inspired Jeep Renegades. Led by chief designer Lapo Elkann, the two very unique Jeep Renegades draw their inspiration from the electrified acoustic guitars that produce the genre's signature sound, featuring air-brushed exteriors that blend together three different color shades to produce a look that took nine layers of paint to produce. The interior of both models share the exterior's design, also featuring bespoke details that range from premium leather upholstery, black denim accents, to white trim and complementary color-key accessories that mimic the exterior's gradient. Swoon over more angles of both Garage Italia Customs x Jeep Renegades after the click.