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DMC Tunes Mercedes Benz G-Class G88

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DMC celebrates five years in Hong Kong with the official reveal of a limited edition Mercedes Benz G-Class G88, transforming the already eye-catching luxury vehicle into one that is a must-see. Although the brand is best known for their specialized tuning for Lamborghinis, the brand got a lot right with this project, further enhancing the luxury vehicle and staying true to their motto of making good things even better. The DMC Mercedes Benz G-Class G88 body kit features customized front and rear bumpers, a sport vented hood with exposed carbon fiber, a bespoke grille, and a rear spoiler and wide fenders. While modifications under the hood weren't shared, they couldn't hide their work on the interior; packed with carbon fiber trim and Ostrich and Stingray-sourced leather upholstery. DMC is limiting production to five, each painted with a unique color to mark its place in the exclusive set.