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BAIT x Sket-One x Huy Fong Foods x Medicom Toy Sriracha Bearbricks

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After making a successful jump from just an exotic restaurant condiment to a Pringles flavor and Heinz Ketchup blend, we now see a powerhouse collaboration between BAIT x artist Sket-One x Huy Fong Foods to bring the flaming hot sauce to a pair of Medicom ToySriracha Bearbricks. Set to initially launch at the BAIT booth at next week's Comic Con, the 100% and 400% size bears fully replicate the bottle of the famous natural red chili sauce, complete with tag of green on the right ear for the iconic green cap and nutrition facts on the back in white. Following their July 9 - July 12 appearance, these Sriracha Bearbricks are expected to launch online at a yet to be announced date.

via HS