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Baendit Sunglasses - Modular and Bendable Eyewear

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Proving that innovation knows no limits, this just launched line of modular and bendable eyewear from Baendit Sunglasses will change the way you look at your current pair forever. Designed to adapt to your lifestyle - wear them lose and comfortable on the block or tighter while on the deck or playing sports - these Baendit sunglasses can bend, twist, and flex with you. Not only that, all pieces in each pair are interchangeable, meaning you can swap out colors and mix and match from both available models, the Ned Kelly and the Salvatore Giuliano, both named after notorious historical bandits. Constructed of a handcrafted, silicon-coated polycarbonate eye frame with equally strong lenses, their flexibility is facilitated with a special safety pins on the nose and temple joints. Learn more about this quickly evolving brand and their new species of eyewear after the click and directly from the Baendit team.