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Sinn U1-D Dune Limited Edition Watch

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Established back in 1961 by a flight instructor and pilot, Helmut Sinn, the German watchmakers at Sinn Spezialuhren are helping the country make a name for itself in horology, which is especially difficult given their proximity to Switzerland. However, this latest piece, the Sinn U1-D Dune Limited Edition watch is essentially what German watch making is all about: functional, yet beautiful in its own alternative way. And while it's been a minute since we've featured a Sinn timepiece - the U2 done up with SOLEBOX, this one was worth waiting for. The U1 model has been around for nearly ten years, but the "D" in the title stands for Dune, which explains the watches desert-inspired color choices across the 44mm bezel, hands, text, and face. In addition to the sandy hues, the German submarine-sourced steel case has been given a special black coating, extending the military feel and making it stronger, harder, and denser. Everywhere else, the watch has been given a matte black finish that nicely compliments the gray dial. Finished with either two military-camo style Zulu straps or dressed up with a brown leather strap, you can pick up the Sinn U1-D Dune Limited Edition watch now directly from Sinn.

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