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How Michael Jordan Makes and Spends His Money

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What made Michael Jordan such an accomplished athlete is also what makes him a supremely successful businessman: namely, a competitive drive so fierce that it borders on psychopathy. Though the hoops icon has never made the numbers public, it's widely believed that Jordan makes $100 million a year from the footwear sales of his eponymous Nike subsidiary. (To put that figure in perspective: that's more than the $90.2 million His Airness earned in combined salary over his entire NBA career, and almost $30 million more than what LeBron James made in 2014 off his combined endorsements and basketball salary.) Earlier this year, it was reported that Jordan is now a billionaire, thanks in large part to his ownership stake in the Charlotte Hornets. If you've ever wondered how Jordan spends his fortune, Business Insider has produced a video taking on the very subject. Check it out below.