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Revisiting the Cast of "Kids" on the Film's 20th Anniversary

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The summer of 1995 saw the launch of a small indie movie called Kids, written by a 19-year-old skateboarder and shot by a photographer turned first-time director. The film -- centering around a group of NYC teens during a 24-hour-period -- was nothing if not controversial, hailed by critics as a stunning artistic achievement and reviled by others as a pornographic work with art-house pretensions. Caught in the middle was a group of novice and beginner actors, some of whom would go on to become household names, while others were unable to survive their burgeoning celebrityhood. The New York Times recently caught up with the cast on the 20th anniversary of the film, and the resulting interviews with Rosario Dawson, Leo Fitzpatrick and Chloë Sevigny -- as well as director Larry Clark -- can be enjoyed here.