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Nike Developed a Cooling Hood Prototype for U.S. Olympic Athlete Ashton Eaton

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For U.S. Olympic champion Ashton Eaton, a decathlete for whom every advantage counts, quick recovery time between events is crucial. He teamed up with Nike to take on thermoregulation -- specifically, the performance benefits of cooling the face, which has proven to be two to five times more sensitive than other body surface areas. Eaton's thoughts on recovery in hot conditions prompted the collaboration between the Nike Sports Research Lab and the Nike Apparel Innovation Team, resulting in the creation of the cooling hood prototype. Sandy Bodecker, VP of Special Projects, Nike Innovation, said he and his team took the project head on (excuse the pun): "The insight Ashton gave us was that overheating was a challenge, especially during the high jump and pole vault when there was so much time spent on the field, and he asked how we could speed up his recovery between his short, explosive action." Cooling was accomplished with inner layers designed to retain cool water without leaking, while a structural frame around the eyes kept cold portions in place and close to the face for a secure fit.