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The Canon ME20F-SH Packs 4,000,000 ISO

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Japan's leader in digital photography has just released their first multi-purpose camera, the Canon ME20F-SH, which delivers an exceptionally high sensitivity to capture Full HD video at an ISO equivalent to 4,000,000. Designed with a range of uses in mind, from night surveillance, to cinematic production, reality TV, and documentary production, the ME20F-SH is easily able to do it all with its 35mm full-frame CMOS sensor and lens mount capable of holding the full library of Canon lenses. When the Canon ME20F-SH hits the shelves later this year, there will also be a lot of zero's on the price tag, too - $30,000 - but it looks to be worth every penny. Until then, you can learn more here at the official Canon product page.