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Victory Motorcycles Unveils Electric Empulse TT

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Move over Ben Franklin, let Victory Motorcycles show you how to harness lightning. Victory Motorcycles now works under the guidance of Polaris Industries and it has only taken four months for the Brammo electric motorcycle company to unveil their first battery-powered bike. Drawing on a lot of styling and technical cues from the Empulse R, Victory Motorcyles enhances the look for more of a sportbike stance that is able to compete against the traditional motorcycle brands in an already-competitive market. The 470lb Empulse TT has a 54HP electric motor with 61 lb-ft of torque paired and a 10.4 kilowatt-hour battery pack with at least 57 miles of range. You also plug it in using the same 240-volt chargers as their four-wheeled kin in the usual motorcycle tank location, fully charging in under four hours. Top speed is limited to 100mph, but a competition version did top-out at 145mph, so the girl does have it in her. The Electric Empulse TT will go on sale later this year for $19,999. See the Victory site for more details.