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wings+horns Fall/Winter 2015 Apparel Collection

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The wings+horns Fall/Winter 2015 Apparel Collection is inspired by the dawn of space exploration and the handmade suits worn by the first men to explore these unknown worlds. Standing as masterpieces of both tailoring and technology, each spacesuit combined layers of fabric precisely chosen to meet the unique challenges of outer space. Wings+horns takes this same ethos for their upcoming Fall/Winter 2015 campaign, which features custom and technical fabrics for innovative looks like the Hybrid Bomber and Knit Wool Topcoat. Both of these jackets feature a windproof lining for protection from the elements, while the Polartec Alpha, a second layer originally developed for the U.S. Special Forces, appears within the Alpha Combat Parka and Alpha Mac Coat. The collection also sees an updated vest, blazer and CPO jacket constructed from weather-resistant Polartec Powershield. Felted wool, wool flannel and wool fleece also appear throughout the collection in blazers, sweaters and pants, all with a strong focus on seasonal colorways. See the full line-up after the click and look for this collection to hit stores in the weeks to come.