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Sneakers Magazine x KangaROOS Omnicoil “Absinthe”

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German-based publication Sneakers Magazine has teamed up with KangaROOS for its first ever collaboration. The print magazine was founded in 2009, coinciding with the re-launch of the KangaROOS brand, and the two names have chose to go in an unexpected direction for their joint venture, digging the seldom seen Omnicore silhouette from the archives. The build utilizes a blend of mesh, suede and leather, while the design theme gives the nod to the Green Fairy, aka absinthe. Consequently, an intoxicating shade of electric green is used on the forefoot and heel, delivering a pop of color against the predominantly black and white backdrop. Look for the kicks to launch August 15th through select retailers in Germany. They include The Good Will Out, Afew, Overkill, Asphaltgold, 43einhalb and Suppa, with additional European retailers — Urban People, Paar, Hanon, colette, Black Rainbow and RunColors — taking subsequent delivery of the shoe.

Release Date: 8/15/15 (Saturday)