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Spacecraft-Inspired Classified Moto Honda CB 740 Cafe Racer

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As with all great custom bike projects, there's usually an interesting story behind its design. Whether it be a person, an event, or a by-gone era, bikes are an amazing medium to tell a tale. This latest project from Classified Moto deviates from this norm a bit to present a different kind of design influence: vintage spacecraft. Having already worked on a similar inter-galatic project before with a Battlestar Galactica KT-600, designer John Ryland now looks back to the golden age of space travel, the Apollo missions of the '60s and '70s. With old Apollo mission plans and gear in-hand, the spacecraft feel can be seen from the vintage fuel cap to the brown leather seat, cloth loom covered oil lines, and a polished stainless steel frame. Modern day tech like a single-sided swingarm, a progressive suspension, and an updated intake/exhaust set-up complete the build-out. Take a more detailed tour around the bike after the click to see more just how beautiful this bike turned out.