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BMW M4 Coupe GTS Concept Unleashed by M Division

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It's always easier to mod a car when you already have an amazing base to work with, which is exactly the case for BMW's M Division taking on the M4 Coupe. Scheduled to be officially introduced this week at Pebble Beach, this production-ready Bimmer concept showcases a range of new technology that will appear on many vehicles later this year and weighs in lighter than the standard 2015 BMW M4. After a deeper level of engineering, this race-ready, street legal M car sees performance enhancements the likes of water-injection for its two-turbocharged 3.0-liter engine, carbon fiber-reinforced hood, two newly designed radiator systems, and an adjustable front splitter and rear spoiler. The M Division also included LED taillights, a re-worked chassis, and a sleek Frozen Dark Grey Metallic paintjob with Acid Orange accents. Official output wasn't shared, but other cars worthy of the M tag have always seen noteable increases; in this case, the standard 425 HP could be bumped up to at least 450. Finished with a new suspension system and 19-inch and 20-inch wheels for the front and back, respectively, and all indications suggest the BMW M4 Coupe GTS will be as every bit as good as it sounds.