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Tesla Model X Spied Ahead of Anticipated September Release | Video

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After years of anticipation and recent months of delays, reports are piling up that the Tesla Model X SUV is truly ready to launch this fall. After becoming clear that the initial delivery projection of early 2014 wasn't going to happen, timetables shifted to a late 2015 release. And now with, first, Bloomberg reporting that Tesla is making space in showrooms and this new evidence of final testings of the electric crossover picked up by SiliconValleyTeslas, fans can really start licking their chops. The latest promising sign comes in the form of a never-before-seen sighting of a Tesla Model X clad in only a minimal deep blue color and a protective wrap, which is usually placed on new vehicles during transport. With signs like this, it now seems the long wait for the 20,000 already with deposits down is quickly coming to an end. See the entire brief spy video after the click and reach out to Tesla for more details on how to claim on of these revolutionary vehicles for yourself.

video via teslarati