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Forbes Ranks the Highest Paid DJs of 2015

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What do the songs "Summer," "Hey Mama," and "Lean On" all have in common? They all were some of the biggest hits of this summer and they were all created and produced by some of the biggest music masterminds in the business. While DJs have always been vital to driving the future of music, they've really owned the year so far. Just how much? Well, Forbes is now out with their list of the Highest Paid DJs of 2015 and the list is quite impressive. Almost doubling his nearest competitor, Calvin Harris scooped up $66M again this year thanks to partnerships with Armani, gigs in Vegas, and a top selling dance record. David Guetta and Tiesto also picked up over $30M, with the top 12 earning a combined $300M. The rest of the list is equally impressive, with Diplo and Deadmau5 hitting $15M, each, including sums from live shows, endorsements, sales, and other ventures. See the top 12 below and hit Forbes for the full list.

1. Calvin Harris, $66 million

2. David Guetta, $37 million

3. Tiesto, $36 million

4. (Tie) Skrillex & Steve Aoki, $24 million

6. Avicii, $19 million

7. Kaskade, $18 million

8. (Tie) Martin Garrix & Zedd, $17 million

10. Afrojack, $16 million

11. (Tie) Deadmau5, Diplo $15 million