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Kloker KLOK-01 Watch - Inspired by 17th Century Slide-Rules

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In the time before cheap pocket calculators, slide rules were the fastest way to work out complex calculations. The dominant tool from the 17th Century through to the 1970's, Kloker's pay homage to the iconic, form-follows-function instrument with their inaugural watch, the KLOK-1 watch. Featuring three rotating disks that together display the time along a vertical line, the design is simply evocative, triggering memories of by-gone eras with timeless style reworked into a fresh, contemporary look. Each ring rotates at different speeds to track the time, protected underneath a crystal lens and a 44mm stainless steel case. Finally, each watch comes with the brand's patented docking system bracelet allowing you to interchange looks and bracelets to suit your mood. KLOK-01 is priced at $389 and will be officially launched by a Kickstarter campaign in September 2015, with each of those in a numbered edition launch model of 200 pieces in yellow, grey, or indigo. You can also learn more about how to claim a Kloker KLOK-01 watch for yourself here.