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Make Your Bike Smart with the SmartHalo

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There are already enough things out there to distract your attention while you're out for a ride so let SmartHalo do all the thinking for you. A new project up on Kickstarter by the bike-focused design team at Cyclelabs, the circular SmartHalo effectively becomes part of your bike, turning it into a tracking, directing, thinking, and securing device ready to assist you when you need it. In direct contrast with every other system on the market, the SmartHalo's design simplifies all of its functions down into an illuminated circle, packed with a navigation system, Bluetooth technology, a lighting system, a security alarm, and fitness tracker. The SmartHalo is built for any kind of weather and installs permanently on the bike with sensors that control its display given the lighting conditions. Its companion app also tracks extensive metrics, sends turn-by-turn directions, and allows you to find your bike if it's stolen. The best part? You create your own custom Morse-code like finger tap code to activate the system. The SmartHalo is looking for support now on Kickstarter, so head to their project site to learn more about how to get behind this effort targeted for a May 2016 launch.