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The Leica S Typ 007 Redefines Medium-Format Photography

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Leica has just announced the delivery of their new medium-format system, the Typ 007. The 37.5 megapixel Leica S Typ 007 features a new MAX CMOS image sensor and new Maestro II processor for increased image quality and higher speed, which together work to deliver lightning-fast speeds and dramatically increased versatility like bursts up to 3.5 fps, full HD and 4k video, and sensitivity up to ISO 12,500. The Leica S Typ 007 also sees a revised autofocus system, integrated Wi-Fi, GPS, and a 3-inch Gorilla glass display. Leica also tops it all off with USB 3.0 integration for faster image transfer. Learn more about the Typ 007, which is available now, and the rest of the Leica S family at the brand’s online site.