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Burger King to McDonald’s: Let’s Make a McWhopper

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While it may not go down in history quite like the Hatfields and McCoys, the Burger King and McDonald's battle for burger supremacy has been going on for almost just as long. But today in a full-page ad in The New York Times and in an all-out online blitz, Burger King is proposing to settle their long-running beef with McDonald's with the creation of the McWhopper. Well, for at least one day, September 21, 2015. An epic collaboration to say the least, Burger King took to their own mini-site to roll-out the rest of their proposal, including a meeting place in Atlanta, a temporary pop-up restaurant on a shared parking lot, co-branded gear, and suggested recipes. All sales proceeds would then be donated to the non-profit Peace One Day to raise awareness for the UN's International Day of Peace. In other words, you can be sure that McDonald's is already on-board. Continue after the click to see the rest of their video proposal before heading over to the mini-site to learn more.