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Facebook M - A Siri-like Virtual Assistant for Messenger

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Not to be out-done by the likes of Siri or Microsoft's latest Cortana, Facebook has just unveiled their own virtual assistant to be deployed within their Messenger app. Simply called Facebook M, the new service aims to actually do stuff for you - like buy things, deliver gifts, make reservations, and arrange travel - instead of just answer questions or set-up reminders. Still in beta testing, Facebook actually is working with contracted service providers to train M's artificial intelligence to handle a range of requests with the goal eventually taking off these training wheels for an all-out digital system. To use the service, users will tap the small M button on the Messenger app and send a note to M to resolve, initially for free and perhaps with a few follow-up questions to make sure you get the help you need. If you already have the app, keep an eye out for the new Facebook M to roll-out over the next few weeks.