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The Sphero BB-8 Is the Star Wars Toy You're Looking For

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A star was born when the first trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens debuted late last year: BB-8, the adorable spherical droid, won over the hearts of countless fans as it sped along a desert landscape. While BB-8 was designed LucasFilm, a working life-size model was made for public appearances the toy robot company Sphero. The Colorado-based outfit has now created a pint-sized version that's remote-controlled via smartphone. Its body takes the form of a smooth plastic ball, roughly three inches in diameter, wrapped in detailed graphics throughout the exterior. Inside is a  self-righting mechanism magnet positioned at the top of the ball to hold the head in place. Through your smartphone, which connects to BB-8 via Bluetooth, you can control the toy with a digital joystick, or let it roam autonomously, or trigger a series of pre-programmed animated responses and movements at the push of a button. Check out the mini BB-8 in action in the video below, and purchase the $150 toy when it launches soon through Sphero's site.