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New Yorkers Can Catch a Ride in Star Wars-Inspired Uber Cars

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Today is “Force Friday,” the first day that the various toys and gadgets inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens hits stores. For New Yorkers, the obvious way to get around town during their shopping spree is this custom Dodge Charger, available for free and done up in full First Order Stormtrooper regalia. Uber has unleashed a fleet of the cars in Manhattan as part of a promotion between the app-based car service and Mattel‘s Hot Wheels, whose First Order Stormtrooper cars are the model for the Dodge Chargers. To hail a Stormtrooper car, open Uber on your device and enter the promo code “HOTWHEELSFF,” then select the Stormtrooper helmet on the slide. The cars are available until 5 pm EDT.