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Bentley Bentayga Officially Unveiled | Video

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Bentley officially went live with the unveiling of their amazingly exclusive Bentayga today, introducing the world to an SUV with a level of luxury and power unlike any other. In what could be seen as the descendant to the EXP 9 F concept with a touch of the Continental GT, the Bentley Bentayga offers an aluminum-intensive body shaped into B-shaped front fenders and a slightly rounded rear end for a look that is certainly distinctive. The inside is sure to when over more fans, with premium leather upholstery with seven different veneer options, metallic accents, and an eight-inch infotainment screen. The Bentley Bentayga also comes standard with a panoramic glass roof, four adjustable seats with built-in temperature and massage functions as well as charging ports. The Bentayga is powered with a twin-turbo W12 engine with 608 HP and 663 lb-ft of torque via an eight-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel-drive system. All together, the fact that it can be packed with a built-in picnic set and still hit 60mph in 4.0 seconds is pretty impressive. Delivery is scheduled for early next year.