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Jake Gyllenhaal Destroys His Life to Rebuild it in "Demolition"

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With his world falling down around him following the death of his wife in a tragic car crash, Davis, played by Jake Gyllenhaal, realizes sometimes it all needs to come crashing down before you can start anew. Fresh off of playing a similar role in Southpaw, which also saw Gyllenhaal fight to get his life back after losing his wife, this new film by Jean-Marc Vallee sees a very different turn of events. To start, the premise of the movie begins with Davis writing a deeply personal compliant letter to a vending machine company that ultimately makes its way to customer service rep Karen (Naomi Watts). From there, the two - along with Karen's kid - begin the painful process of rebuilding Davis' life. Watch the full trailer after the jump and look for the Fox Searchlight film to debut on April 8, 2016.