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The Honda Project 2&4 Concept is a Minimalist Track Monster

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Either a go-kart on steriods or the result of a set of motorcycle and car designers gone mad, either way this Honda Project 2&4 Concept is clearly a minimalist track monster. Inspired by the Japanese brand's RA272 Formula One car from the 1960s, things begin to get interesting when you notice the left offset driver's seat, fully exposed and suspended just inches above the blacktop. The Concept weighs in at just 892 lbs, packing a 215 HP, 87 lb-ft or torque motorcycle engine and dual clutch with a six-speed transmission. And, at only 119" long, you can maneuver the part sports car, part motorcycle as you please, just as long as you hold on tight. The result of an internal design competition, this may be the only one to be made, but it will still be headed to the Frankfurt Motor Show this week.