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R2-D2-Themed ANA "Star Wars" Jet Ready to Take Flight

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No, a Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" pales in comparison to the various aircraft deployed by the Rebel Alliance, but this specially designed model from Japan's All Nippon Airways is the closest thing that today's earthbound passengers can get to flying with R2-D2. Featuring a distinctive paint job paying tribute to the iconic droid, the jet represents the first part of ANA's Star Wars Project, a five-year partnership between Disney and ANA. After an unveiling in Everett, Washington, the R2-D2 jet will make its first flight between Haneda and Vancouver on Oct. 18, followed by a regular route between Narita and San Jose from mid-October through late November. Starting in December, the plane will fly internationally from Japan to destinations including Seattle, Sydney, Jakarta, Beijing, Munich, Paris and more. Eventually, the R2-D2 jet will be joined by a "BB-8" ANA Boeing 777-300ER, along with a Boeing 767-300 featuring both BB-8 and R2-D2.