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Horex VR6 Silver Edition

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In a sea of cars in Frankfurt, you'd think it would be tough for a motorcycle to stand-out, but this Horex VR6 Silver Edition has done just that. Presented in a collectors edition, the German motorcycle with a patented six-cylinder VR6 engine marks the return of the brand as it rises from the ashes of bankruptcy in early 2015. The new VR6 keeps things traditional, sticking with the design that worked during its first introduction in 2010, inspired by the brand's 1960's roots. Surrounded by premium brown leather, the engine draws your attention, producing 170HP and 101.8 lb-ft of torque and secured within a carbon fiber frame. Top of the line accessories and parts were also used throughout, including an adjustable Ohlins suspension and Brembo brakes, allowing it to weigh in at a meager 487 lbs. Fans of the new Horex VR6 Silver Edition still need to wait for the brand to arrange some final touches, but look for this new model to launch in the very near future.