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Bertucci A-2T Original Classics Watch Collection

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It's easy to throw around the words "tough" and "rugged," but what really does that mean? While there are watches designed to withstand shock and vibration, there's more to the definition than that. In other words, tough can mean one thing to one wearer and something completely different to another. For those requiring a watch to survive on land and in-water, day and night, day after day, this Bertucci A-2T Original Classics watch collection is worth a look. Featuring high-performance Swiss Super Luminous hands, intensely illuminating indications, and a protective scratch-resistant mineral glass crystal face finished with a patented matte finish solid titanium 40mm case, this timepiece is ready for the long-haul. Paired with a woven nylon band with matching clasp hardware, this watch will deliver. Find it in this and many more colorways online at the Bertucci online site.